Products & Services

Our Service


Design and develop data collection and processing systems with the ability to solve problems and analyze future opportunities.

System Integration

System installation Design with a fast and safe response and be able to integrate to the original system along with connecting to other systems through API.


We offered devices that be able to cover all applications, both indoor and outdoor with suitable to use in office buildings factories and customized according to business.


Provide Cloud Computing service for AI Processing and connection through highly secure networks. 

Platform Solar Inspection

Automatically drone control, R&D Project in collaboration with Segumo who specialize in a drone for agriculture, checking for PV panel quality by Thermal Camera and using PrimeX Platform to analyze and make a report.

Solar Monitoring System Platform

Solar Monitoring System Platform, software that takes the data from the site and demonstrates it on the dashboard, is available to track solar production, consumption, and equipment performance. The alarm system will work when there is malfunctioning on devices.

Platform Cloud AI Rental services

We provide cloud computing services for AI processing and connection through a highly secure network.

IoTs Research and Development

Research and develop IoT devices covering all types of applications both indoors and outdoors, suitable for businesses and factories that need to connect and control through an online system.